We usually tour the UK for a month at a time covering around 10 venues per month. Currently our ‘Honesty Over Silence’ tour will be running in March 2020, November 2020 and June 2021. The presentation lasts 2.5 hours including a short break.

Patrick explores themes from his latest book, Honesty Over Silence, and Diane performs songs around the theme of honesty, faith and hope. They will also share the vision of Kintsugi Hope and mention how people can get involved further and offer support. It’s a multi-media presentation, with a team of 6 people, including drama, video and music. This is an ideal opportunity to create an event which local churches, small groups and members of your community could come along to be challenged, refreshed and inspired.

The current cost of the tour comes in at just over £500 total per venue. We also require overnight accommodation for the team if you are more than 2 hours from Chelmsford.

Patrick Church Speaking

Patrick is often available to speak at churches in the UK on Sundays during the year. This would be a multi-media talk of between 30-45mins (as time allows!) covering a variety of themes from ‘Honesty Over Silence’. He is happy to talk to you in more detail about what particular topics would suit your congregation or fit in with a series you might be following. Alternatively you might like to invite Patrick to a Q&A interview style event exploring the themes of wellbeing, faith, and mental health.

We ask for a minimum of £150 as a speaker’s gift to Kintsugi Hope plus travel expenses (usually based on mileage for car travel).

Leaders Gatherings

Maybe you would like Patrick, or another member of the team, to come and talk about our work to a group of local church leaders or your leadership team. We tend to fit these in whenever we happen to be in a particular part of the country. You might like to organise a leaders’ breakfast, lunch or supper event. We don’t charge anything for this but are always grateful of a gift towards the work or our travelling!

Kintsugi Hope Conferences

We run two conferences each year in different parts of the UK. It’s an opportunity to gather those who are wanting to develop a greater understanding of wellbeing and mental health and explore how the church can make a positive contribution to this in local communities. Please see our ‘Events’ page to find the date, venue and cost of our next ‘Honesty Over Silence’ Conference.

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