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Counselling is a talking therapy that involves a trained therapist listening to you and helping you find ways to deal with emotional issues. It has proven really beneficial for people going through difficult times or suffering from anxiety, depression or an eating disorder as well as people navigating through tough seasons such as infertility or bereavement.

At a typical counselling session, you will be encouraged to talk about your feelings and emotions with a trained therapist in a non-judgemental environment. The therapist can help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes, and find your own solutions to problems. But they won't usually give advice or tell you what to do. Counselling can be done face to face or in a group, as well as over the phone or by email or online chat services. You may be offered a single session of counselling, a short course of sessions over a few weeks or months, or a longer course that lasts for several months or years. It can take a number of sessions before you start to see progress, but you should gradually start to feel better with the help and support of your therapist.

Some work places offer counselling and you may want to ask you HR department if you are interested in finding out more.

Most colleges and universities also offer free counselling to students who need it.

The following charities offer cheap or free talking therapies or group support.

NHS Counselling

You can get free counselling on the NHS provided that you are registered with a GP. You can self-refer without having to go through your GP.

There are a number of psychological therapies available on the NHS.


CWR, an organisation which we are privilege to partner with has put counselling at the heart of its ministry and pioneered and developed an expertise in the area of Christian counselling training. On top of educational courses, CWR has a ‘find a counsellor’ search page, which you can use to find a counsellor in your area.

Other resources

The counselling directory has a list of freelance counsellors who offer their services. Their website also has a search option which helps you find counsellors by location.

Associations of Christian Counsellors

ACC is a professional body set up in 1992 to facilitate quality counselling, psychotherapy, pastoral care and related training. It is passionate about maintaining and raising standards of excellence for these public services.

It acts as a Christian voice for its members in relation to Government, educators and other organisations in related fields in the UK. ACC UK is also strongly linked to other ACCs throughout Europe and the USA.