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Talks Update

Over the last year the Kintsugi Hope team have been opening up honest conversations around wellbeing through conferences, tours, seminars, breakfast meetings, and preaching.

Due to the Covid-19 crisis and the most recent government guidelines on social distancing, booking talks has been temporarily suspended. Kintsugi Hope is working hard to provide some content that churches and charities can use to spread a message of hope in this time. Stay tuned for more details.

Many Churches and Charities are publishing their talks online and via live-streaming. Take a look at your local churches websites to see how you can access these.

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About Talks

The team have spoken to over 15,000 people in the last year alone. The feedback into the office has been very moving and we have had so many comments; but here are just a few:

“I just wanted to say how amazing Kintsugi Hope is... I went to your first conference at Skylark Church... it was amazing... I have hidden and avoided my friends for years... because I didn't know it was ok to not be ok! That image of the pottery fixed with gold changed me... I realised my brokenness is beautiful... and has made me who I am.”
“My Uncle attended all of your talks and came out of the week with a new insight into himself. I attended your perfectionism talk and your talk at the main event on Wednesday evening. It was a revelation! I am so grateful to you for the lifting of my guilt and shame over my many issues that have dogged at my heels for so many years, both physical and mental health issues that I have always seen as a barrier to my life rather than a new way to live in my life. You reduced me to tears in a very very good way.”
“Having been struggling with a few issues recently, I sat through your Tackling Anxiety talk with tears trickling down my face. It was a release at the realisation that I’m not going mad, I just have anxiety issues. Once we know these things, we can deal with it and move forward.”

As well as touring the country and raising awareness through talks and speaking, Patrick and his team have contributed to over 30 radio interviews, written articles on subjects such as removing stigma, coping with grief, honesty and vulnerability, etc, in blogs and newspaper such as The Times, Sorted Magazine, Youthwork Magazine and many others. For more on this, check our media page.

Honesty Over Silence Tour - March 2020

In March 2020 the Kintsugi Hope Tour Team hit the road to take Honesty Over Silence all over the UK for the 4th time! Joanne Hogg, former lead singer from Iona joined us and blessed us with her incredible music. Natasha Petrovic accompanied her by playing the violin and what a great duet they made. It seemed particularly poignant to be speaking about anxiety, stress and the importance of being honest when the whole world is going through a crisis. We are so thankful to all the churches that opened up their buildings to us and to every single person who gave their precious time to be with us. If you missed the tour you can watch a live stream of our last evening in Barnsley on YouTube.

Check out the highlight reel below: